Mudathir Abdelshafea Abdelkareem Diagnostic Medical Mycology

Mudathir Abdelshafea Abdelkareem Diagnostic Medical Mycology


The book was oriented mainly for students of medical laboratory sciences and medicine, but the book also useful for all students of other medical fields. This book was provide well defined summary of scientific information covering most parts of theoretical and practical areas of medical mycology. Glossary unit contains some words that don’t included in the text, and this to evade entrance of irrelevant definitions to keep the information intact. The book was arranged in three sections, section one deals with general characteristic of fungi from cell structure and morphology until uses of fungi for industrial purposes, with little focusing in laboratory diagnosis. Section two contains notes on some of most common and famous fungi whereas section three contains common mycosis. To avoid duplication of information in section three, the species that cause mycosis are detailed when the fungi of section two are just mentioned.

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