Shakeer A. Abdullah Baptism By Fire

Shakeer A. Abdullah Baptism By Fire


Data were collected from 182 respondents classified as diversity staff through a web based survey using the MCSA-P2 and a demographic information form. I examined the impact of their demographics and experiences on individual multicultural competence as measured by the Multicultural Competencies for Student Affairs-Preliminary Form (MCSA-P2) created and validated by Raechele Pope and John Mueller (2000). In order to gather feedback from a wide range of respondents working at a variety of institutional types, the survey instrument was sent to diversity staff around the USA who were eligible to be members of the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education organization (NASPA).... In this book, I address that void by examining the academic, personal, and professional experiences and multicultural competence of the people who work in diversity services in higher education. There is a gap in the research about the preparation of diversity staff and their multicultural competency.

Косолапова М. (отв. ред.) Кто живет в воде. Познавательное и речевое развитие. Соотвествует ФГОС ДО

Ernest Renan Christus in der Kunst

Shailesh Chandra Demand Responsive Transit Performance Assessment Using Simulation

Кашкин С., Четвериков А., Жбанков В., Слепак В. Основы правового регулирования интеграционных процессов на постсоветском пространстве

Ильичева М. Моя полиция меня бережет. Права и обязанности граждан в сфере правопорядка. Взаимоотношения водителя и сотрудников ГИБДД. Права и обязанности участковых. Полномочия судебных приставов

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